Thank you so much.  I want to tell you how pleased Tim and I have been with Pure Air.  From the first conversations with Jon, to the kindness of Chris and his crew, to the post installation care and testing, the experience has been nothing but positive.  When going through the process of selling one house and building another, this kind of service is just super refreshing!  Thanks for your help and you’ll be hearing from us again when our next house is done!
Elise Beatty Satisfied Residential Client

I just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent service you provided to my client, Matt Grimes.  He’s so happy and has said great things, and of course that makes me infinitely happy!  I look forward to sending you more business in the future!

Angie Garard F. C. Tucker

We had radon mitigation at our old house in 2014. These guys were fast, professional, friendly and did a fantastic job. I felt the price was really reasonable. They were able to drop our reading from 17 to .04. I’ll definitely be using them again to test our basement and install a mitigation system.

Rebecca J. Satisfied Residential Customer

A very tardy testimonial but I wanted to thank you and your workers for the excellent job you did to solve my need for a really quick turnaround on a radon system. Furthermore, the installation was well located and I’m sure took a little “extra effort”” on the part of the installers. The job was done well and at the estimated price. This is the one where a previous quote had insisted that a wall needed to be removed to make it work, or the new reading could actually come in higher? I’ll definitely recommend Pure Air when I have a chance.

Brad Donaldson Satisfied Residential Customer

Special thanks to you and Jon for helping with this.  I love your company and your kindness as well.

J. D. Miller F. C. Tucker
The Pure Air team was great and the whole process was super smooth! I am definitely noticing a difference with the Puradigm – feel less congested, and the new construction smell is gone. My husband’s allergies are intense and feels the Puradigm has been really helpful for him!
Annie Blaine Satisfied Residential Customer

We had a great experience with Pure Air Environmental. They didn’t just “get rid” of the mold in our crawl-space, but came up with multiple solutions to assure that it doesn’t come back. Their follow-up care to the initial mold remediation was most impressive. We added on the Puradigm HVAC system to improve our air quality which has eliminated my husband’s asthma, my 4 month long cough and that pesky mildew smell. Jon, Karen and their crew were conscientious, on time, neat, friendly and worked as a team to resolve our issues. Thanks to ReMax Legacy for recommending them.

Linda Lupton Satisfied Residential Customer

Thanks for so much help and great work! We’ve already recommended Pure Air to others!

Ben Moody Satisfied Residential Customer

Pure Air just left. It looks very good. They were so personable, quick and clean. I will definitely recommend them! Thanks!

Suzanne Rees Satisfied Residential Customer

The crew that came out to my house was amazing. Very friendly and great to work with. Communication was superior too.

Tracy Smith Residential Client

Highly recommend this company! I have referred them to several clients and they always deliver quality results in a timely and professional manner.

Doug Martin F.C. Tucker Company

Karen, it has been a pleasure. You did a wonderful job for us and provided us with not just lab results but also clear complete suggestions as to what needs to be done and you did it in simple everyday language that anyone can understand. You were personable and responsive I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thanks!

Ernie Zellner Residential Client

Karen, thank you so much for all your hard work on this file – you are a pleasure to work with!

Aria Frazier F.C. Tucker Company

This Is the company to work with for anything needed with air. I smoked in my sunroom for 2 years and used this service before selling my house. You would never know I smoked in the room. The owner immediately called me, setup same day, and continually checked to make sure everything was perfect.

Megan Crabtree Residential Client

Thank you again for your exemplary work and cooperation. Put me down as a strong reference/testimonial for your future referral business. Thanks.

Joe B. McDonald F.C. Tucker Company

Pure Air Group is amazing! They did a fantastic job at getting our basement to have clean air and mold remediation! They were so friendly and wonderful to work with! We are recommending them to all our friends and family with basements!

Jennifer Clark Residential Client

Thank you and your crew regarding my Washington Blvd property. The problem regarding my crawl space is resolved and the air quality is vastly improved. All involved were extremely professional, on time and cleaned up after they were done. The price was more than competitive with no add on’s. Thank you; we will recommend Pure Air to our clients.

Tucker Hawkins F.C. Tucker Company

Wow. We found mold in our basement this year, and it has been making me sick. It’s relatively mild allergy-type symptoms, but I was still coughing and congested after remediation, so we thought we’d try the Puradigm HVAC filters to see if they help. Forty-eight hours after the Puradigm was installed, we had an independent Industrial hygiensist do air quality testing. This was supposed to be follow-up to remediation we had done in our basement. However, they found more mold on our second floor with aspergillus counts over 4000. They returned the next week, 8 days after the Puradigm was installed, to locate the source of the mold. Our eaves are full of mold, but the air sample they took that day only showed an aspergillus count of 200. I can’t help but think this is due to the air purification system. We still have to remediate the source of the mold, but I’m convinced that this unit really works. Definitely worth the investment. Also, our house smells fresh. We have a giant breed dog, two cats, and three kids, and we cook with aromatic spices, but the house just smells like fresh air. Thanks to Brad, Jon, and Karen! 🙂

Amie Hood Residential Client

Thank you so much for your extra attention to detail, and being so cooperative in getting us to closing. Anything I can do for you…please let me know! (Of course, I will always refer you!)

Elaine Bennett F.C. Tucker Company

Just wanted to complement Jarred and Brandon. They worked very hard and did not even stop for lunch. They made sure to vacuum up any dirt or debris.
They sealed the sump pit with precise measurement and expertise and I was very satisfied with their work. I’m sorry I waited this long to get the work done.

Jim Glasheen Residential Client

Brad has been fantastic to work with, he has been diligent, informative, has a positive character, helpful and patient. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Pure Air Environmental whether that will be for future products and services we may require. Your customer relations has been of the utmost importance for us as well as your willingness to perfect any work done at our home. Brad is an instrumental asset as well as Chris. We knew once we first met with Brad and Chris that our concerns and anxieties would be in great hands. Brad let us ask MANY questions and run things by him. He was willing to learn from us as we learned from him and he gave us the time to absorb every aspect of our project. Chris was very helpful and patient as well. He was informative and everyone that worked at our home was respectful. They were cautious of the home itself and left everything neat and clean. They made sure the air was healthy to breath and understood the scope of our allergies. We feel comfortable if we have any questions, concerns or needs in future that someone from Pure Air Environmental will be willing and available to accommodate us.

Kathi and Maranda Residential Client

Pure Air, you saved the day again when you managed to remove the smoke inside a home. My Seller was starting a new job out of state and needed to get her property on the market fast. I knew the home would sell quickly if we could get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke that greeted you at the front door. As usual, you leaped into action and placed three Odor-Ox units and removed every indication a smoker had ever lived in the home. As a result, we sold in one day. Thank you Pure Air Environmental.

Cynthia Hauth F.C. Tucker Company

Jon at Pure Air Environmental was great to work with. He worked with us continuously to make sure the potent smoke odor was eliminated from a home that we were remodeling. He was even able to remove the odor after we had painted the walls. I’d definetly use Pure Air Environmental again for any odor issue we have.

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