Puradigm Rocks Band and Theatre Department

“I highly recommend this technology to costumers everywhere – it will significantly improve your environment, give your costumes a longer lifespan and give your performers a healthier, cleaner costume to wear on a daily basis. Due to the success of[…..]

Puradigm Effective Against Bacteria on Steel Steel Surfaces

Reductions in microbial counts on #8 finish stainless steel coupons produced by the Puradigm Advanced Oxidation Cell after 0, 2, 6, and 24-hour exposure are presented in table 1. Exposure to oxidative gases and ionization produced by the cell reduced[…..]

Puradigm Wipes Out CRE and E-coli on Stainless Steel

The results of this preliminary study show that the Puradigm Advanced Oxidation technology reduces Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) on inoculated Stainless Steel Surfaces. The microorganism used in this study was E. coli (ATCC 25922). The effect of the treatment increased[…..]

Puradigm Reduces Legionella Pathogen

Kansas State University has conducted a study which confirms Puradigm technology effectively reduces the potentially deadly Legionella virus. Read the complete study below. Puradigm Legionella Report

Puradigm White Paper – Enhanced Photocatalysis

The goals of management of Indoor Environmental Quality are multiple: improvement of productivity in the work environment, occupant and worker health, and quality of sensitive products; protection of furnishings and decor, building HVAC equipment components; and building security; and reduction[…..]

Puradigm Validated as Safe and Effective by Kansas State University

Kansas State University has tested Puradigm’s photocatalytic oxidation green technology as safe for emissions relating to ozone and peroxides. The patented technology replicates Mother Nature’s natural outdoor cleaning process by initiating a chemical reaction to produce the highly effective cleaning agents.[…..]

Indiana University Dorm Mold Count Reduction

Our daughter matriculated to Indiana University last fall. Several students began getting sick from mold being circulated in the air duct system of the building. We installed a Puradigm Zone unit in her dorm room to protect her and her roommate.[…..]

FDA War on Pathogens

Excellent article which pertains to the food processing industry. Recommends Puradigm technology to reduce salmonella, listeria and other harmful bacteria outbreaks. Reduces liability and reputation damage while eliminating large spoilage and waste associated with food recalls. Click on the link[…..]


Grocery Store Reduces “Shrink” Loss by 63%

PROBLEM: A large West coast grocery chain was looking to extend the shelf life of food and reduce their “shrink” rate on produce, meats and seafood. SOLUTION & RESULTS: The grocer implemented patented Puradigm Technology in their produce display cases,[…..]


Clean Air Technology Can Remove and Prevent the Deadly Flu

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 22, 2018) – The number of influenza-associated deaths was at a sweeping 195, according to the Indiana State Department of Health last Friday. Aside from frequent hand washing and the flu shot, Hoosiers have limited options when[…..]