About Us

Pure Air Environmental was formed in October 2013 with a strong desire to improve the local radon and mold industry. We believed we could do everything better than the competition while providing fast, fair and friendly service and felt if we treated each customer with the “Golden Rule” philosophy, we could thrive in the marketplace. These thoughts and philosophy have taken our small, family-owned business from its humble beginnings and steadily increased our satisfied customer base year after year.

Our commitment to customer service and quality is what we pride ourselves on and what we believe puts us above the rest. It starts with the very first phone call and doesn’t stop until the job is done. Companies are also not always diversified when it comes to indoor air quality, but our team is filled with experts for all total indoor air quality services.

The bottom line? We can handle any indoor air quality related issue from radon, mold, ducts, odor or bacteria and work hard to do so to protect your business, your home, your family.

Our Mission

Keeping your family safe from airborne chemicals is our number one goal. Today’s environment is full of unsafe and unseen hazardous chemicals which can pose serious health problems for you and your family over time. Our ventilation systems will eliminate these dangerous concerns and keep your family safe for years to come giving you peace of mind. We form a diverse group of individuals all focused on one common goal…improving indoor air quality one central Indiana home at a time.

Meet The Team

Our work couldn’t be done without the wonderful and talented people who make up our team. Put a face with a name and learn more about your Pure Air Pros!

Karen Brodbeck

Operations Director

As the front-line voice of the company, Karen’s cheerful voice is the one you hear when calling (317)-760-7873 to schedule testing, inspections or services. She is our point guard calling all the plays and keeping everyone on the team aware of their daily activities. She is a licensed radon tester and has journeyed to a naval base in Africa to deploy tests for. In the beginning, it was not uncommon to find her in crawl spaces or attics using tools and performing mitigation services. As we have grown she has migrated out of the field and into the office full-time. Her faithful companions, Daisy and Lulu, are her four-legged office assistants. Since she primarily spends her days in the office, whenever possible, she loves to be outdoors staying active mountain biking, roller blading, hiking or boating.

Chris LeJeune

Services Director

Our wise owl is full of useful knowledge due to his varied and extensive background which includes boat mechanic, HVAC installer, Town of Fishers building inspector and environmental technician. He grew up on the shores of northern Ohio yet roots for the University of Michigan, which we’ll eventually forgive him for. Chris leads the crew in performing the various assignments like radon installs, mold removal, duct cleaning or installing duct supplies. When he’s not, Chris can be seen on sidelines and bleachers throughout Hamilton Country as the taxi driver for his son’s athletic endeavors.

Brandon Brooks

Sales and Service Technician

Our “dirt devil” never complains, always takes the tasks no one else wants and has ever met a crawl or attic he couldn’t tackle. Brandon’s large heart allows him to always help others with a smile. He’s a versatile, self-taught mechanic who helps keep our fleet moving and grooving.

Jon Hartley

Marketing Director

A Ball State alum after Letterman decided to award “C” students with financial aid, Jon is the multi-faceted tool of the company and the “idea man” behind the little growth engine that could. As a former radio, television, basketball public address announcer and disc jockey who’s performed more weddings than most pastors, his diverse background of handling plaintiffs and interviewing sports personalities prepared him well for dealing with clients from all walks of life. Jon is always willing to help and go the extra mile and can be found helping the service crews on any given day, answering the phone, negotiating supply costs or presenting to a group of realtors.

Adam Hartley

Sales and Service Technician

Our newest member to the team and an extension of the family tree.  Learning all phases of the operation literally from the ground up starting in crawl spaces and building to attics. Versatility and attitude allows lending a helping hand wherever needed. High paced sales background with major players in the corporate world thus able to handle all marketing tasks.  Loves his truck, country music, hunting, fishing and his rural life style. Expecting another sprout on the family tree soon!

Bill Leverich

Staff Microbiologist

A consultant for Puradigm air purification and surface decontamination systems, Bill is an indoor air quality expert for all microbial issues. He’s another wise owl of the team with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to help tackle any issue.

Brad Thurman

Business Development Director

Another versatile piece of the puzzle, Brad brings a positive attitude each day always ready to tackle the tough jobs and do whatever is needed. You can find him constantly challenging processes and seeking knowledge with his thirst to learn. Brad handles inspections for all our services, thus can find his way around attics and crawl spaces like a ninja. He’s loves to volunteer for long distance inspections and is a Professional Prius road race driver. Fun Fact: Brad owns an ice cream parlor in downtown Pendleton and likes to dip on weekends. Two scoops please!

Jerred Lowe

Sales and Service Technician

Yet another multifaceted team player (have you noticed the trend?), Jerred is our most charismatic, uplifting staffer who loves exceeding client expectations. He doubles as our IT expert due to his 5 years at Apple in a managerial service role and brings technology to our doorstep to improve efficiency and communication with our team and customers. Jerred is also skilled as an accomplished guitar player performing for his church choir and weddings and brings the Broad Ripple/Irvington laid-back vibe to our work environment.